What child doesn’t love watching a parent (or in my case, an older sibling) bake with the promise of a delicious battered bowl to lick?

This is exactly how my love of all things buttery and baked developed.

As an adult, my love for baking and sharing these treats has grown from hobby to obsession, and I am now able to restrain myself from devouring the goodness until at least baked and decorated (mostly).

I can’t say that I’m the next Pierre Hermé, and I certainly have my fair share of kitchen fails, but baking and experimenting with flavours, techniques and decorating is one of life’s real joys and keeps me reaching for my treasured KitchenAid.

So I hope you’ll join me on my journey of baking discovery, test out some of my recipes and share your own sweet experiments with me along the way.

Happy cakeness, all!